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About Us

Exploring new job prospects is admittedly a big deal, and it’s an even bigger deal when you place your trust in an agency to help you find the right fit. Don’t just choose anyone!


Better Placement Bureau (BPB for short) was founded with the lateral candidate in mind. We’re a boutique legal search firm that specializes in the placement of associates, counsels, partners, and IP support staff around the country. We strongly believe that the process of finding a new role should be as easy-breezy as possible, and we cover all aspects within the recruitment pipeline, from speaking with you to hear what your interests are, all the way to negotiating a signing bonus after an offer has been accepted (and everything in between!)


We strive to add a layer of personalization in all of our interactions with candidates and clients because at the heart of any hiring decision is a personality fit. 


We encourage you to look over our website and reach out to us with any questions you might have and are eager to help you navigate the next chapter in your legal career.

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