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What to Expect

Whether we’ve contacted you directly via email or through LinkedIn, or you were sent our way by a previous client or current colleague, you can always expect a quick turnaround response from someone at BPB, usually within a few hours.


Your recruiter will reach out to arrange a brief intake call, happily accommodating your schedule and making themselves available on a weekend or after-hours if that’s most convenient, so they can begin the due diligence required to successfully match you with current and/or future opportunities. 


Personal relationships are the backbone of our placement success, so the sooner we can connect with you about your motivations, aspirations, and potential deal-breakers or dream roles, the sooner we can begin the delicate matchmaking process.

While it's a common misconception to reach out to recruiters only when 100% ready for a change, at BPB we subscribe to a different philosophy: you don't know what you don't know. The legal hiring landscape is constantly evolving and reacting to new market trends -- just as you are. For this reason, info-gathering inquiries are always warmly welcomed.


Whether your lateral timeline is definitive or speculative, our recruiters are eager to offer the level of support and guidance your life and career circumstances currently require.


We encourage you to reach out with questions and are are genuinely excited to help you navigate the next chapter in your legal career!

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