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What To Expect

Whether we’ve contacted you directly or you were sent our way by a friend or colleague, you can always expect a quick turnaround response from someone at BPB, usually within a few hours, if not sooner. 


Before an initial call can be set up, we ask all lateral candidates to fill out a brief in-take form (we promise it’s painless!), which your BPB Recruiter will provide to you directly. The form should take no more than a few minutes to complete and is immensely beneficial for our team to have on hand to refer back to when filtering through and matching you with new and upcoming opportunities.


During the initial phone call, your BPB Recruiter will implement a plan of action that works for you, whether that be submitting you for one job opening you are interested in or sending over a broader list of roles for you to review at your earliest convenience. 


While we strive to always be available for any questions or concerns at a moment’s notice, we are 100% willing to work within your timeline and schedule, and just kindly ask that you keep us updated along the way with any time constraints, so expectations can be managed all-around.

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